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Aaron & Ellen Storck

My name is Aaron Storck, I am a thirteen year old boy who is fighting a battle for what is right, a battle for truth, and a battle that has taken almost six years. I am still fighting this battle, and always will until I am living with my mother and family. I am not fighting this battle for any other reasons, only for my family. The only thing I want is to be able to live a normal life with my family. I want everyone to know that the way New York has, and still is, trying to take me away is illegal and unjust. I want everyone to know that I will not stand for what they are doing and I will fight my hardest to prove the truth, My mom NEVER hurt me in any way. I am not only fighting for myself, but for everyone one that has been treated wrongly and for everyone they have lied to torture.

A Friday Afternoon Filled With Fear and Separation
by Aaron Storck

It was supposed to be a normal Friday with my family, but ended up being a day of terror and fear. A day where they tore me apart from my family again. A day with nothing on my mind except how much I love my family. The only thing I want in this unjust world is to be with my family, the people with whom my heart has always been connected, the people that I love more than anything on this earth, and now they have again torn me from that family - my family - the only true family I have. Their only reason for taking me is to stop me from fighting for what is right, to stop me from speaking out to the world with the cry of a child and a scream for help. I am not fighting this battle for revenge, but am fighting this battle for my family and for justice.

3:00 P.M. - My mom received a phone call saying that the Florida DCF might try to do something and there was mention of a pickup order for me. My mom sounded afraid on the phone when she was talking to Patrick Gonya, my lawyer, so I went to her to ask what was wrong, though I kind of knew what it might have been, and that is when she told me. After she got off the phone she told me in more detail, and we both started grabbing for the phone to call all of the people on our emergency list to see if I could get away.

3:30 P.M. - My mom tried to make a phone call but it would not go through because we did not have long distance phone calling, so she ran outside to ask our neighbors to call for us and that is when she saw several police cars and new they were here to take me, she quickly told the neighbors to call the long distance phone call and ran back inside. My mom got back on the telephone with my lawyer to tell him they were here and to ask him what to do.

3:45 P.M. - Cops surrounded the whole apartment and there was no place to go. There must have been twenty police cars and twice as many officers, plus a swat team, lots of sheriff's cars, and so many guns. I was on the phone with my lawyer and I was able to have his secretary call Jeff Wienser, the reporter that has been following our case, from Channel Ten Eyewitness news to have them come to get this craziness on the news. Every minute it seemed another cop car pulled up in front of our house.

4:00 P.M. - Still nothing happened, they have not tried to contact us in any way. I was so scared and my heart was racing, I was hoping that this was not happening that it was all just a dream, but I knew that it was happening. Was this it, the end? So many questions and thoughts were running through my head, I did not know what to do. However, I knew they made a mistake, that they could not come and just tear me away like this, and in some strange way I knew it would help us.

4:30 P.M. - Still nothing is happening, my sister noticed that there are three cops behind our fence in the backyard so there is definitely no way out, I knew that if they were here to get me they would definitely be able there was no escaping this time, I could not get away like I did last time. I was still struggling on the phone in a panic with my lawyer, Patrick Gonya, trying to find out what to do if they got me.

4:45 P.M. - My mom was now on the phone with two of my lawyers, Patrick Gonya and Amy Hickman. Someone with a bullhorn was yelling out front "Ellen get of the phone, or............" there was a pause "Ellen get off the phone now! We need to talk to you." My stomach was now in my chest and I was so scared, scared of losing what is rightfully mine, what I love, my family. " ELLEN GET OFF THE PHONE NOW! WE NEED TO TALK TO YOU!" My mom told Patrick Gonya and Amy Hickman what they had said and she asked them if she should answer the police's call waiting beep and they said yes.

My mother hit the flash button and answered the call waiting and said "Hello?"
"Ellen is that you?" One of the female officers said.
"Hi! I am from the Coral Springs Police Department, I do not know too much about what is going on but I know I am here to serve you with papers for a court date."
"You are only here to serve papers"
" I do not know let me check."
" You do that"
" That is all, just to serve papers"
" Under whose jurisdiction."
" I do not know."
" Well then find out."
" Hold on" lots' of mumbling.
" Ahhh. I think New York."
" Hold on just a moment I am going to put you on hold." My mom hit the flash button again to get my lawyers back on the phone. She told them everything that the female officer had said, and asked if they thought that was strange? I knew something was very strange, and you do not need all of those cops just to serve papers. My mom hit the flash button once more and Switched the phone over again back to the cop. It was about 5:00. My mom said
"Yes Ellen?"
"So why are all of these cops here, you do not need all of these cops just to serve papers? The swats team why do you need the swat team?"
" It is just for yours and your son's protection"
" Yeah right!"
" We just need you to come out and get the papers."
"Your not here to take my son?"
"Hold on let me check" there was a pause "No"
"You don't have a pickup order for my son?"
"No, we are not here to take your son, only to give you these papers"
" Well just hold on another moment." My mom hit the flash button and switched the phone back to the lawyers and again told them what the female officer said. They agreed that my mom should go get the papers and then see what happens. My mom switched the phone back once again and said "Hello! Okay I am going to come out."
" Now I want you to walk straight ahead when you come out the door, move very slowly, and put your hands where I can see them and the two officers will walk up to you. When they do, do not move, and let them give you the papers and then it will be all over."
"Okay" My mom switched the phone back to the lawyers and told them she was going to go out there and she handed me the phone. I looked at her and said "Mom I love you and Just in case give me a kiss and hug."
"Okay, I love you too." My mom walked to the door and my heart started pounding and my sister Dana went with my mom out to get the papers. A couple seconds later a bunch of officer ran in and some ran upstairs. Some ran in the living room and told me to "Sit at the table and do not move" the officers upstairs started yelling "Area Secured, Area Secured" I had started to cry and then two ladies came in and started to say "It okay, you did not do anything wrong, it was only your mom who did something wrong."
" My mom did not do anything" I had yelled.
" It is okay, your mom is just outside, do not worry your just going to have to go somewhere for a couple of days that is all."
" Why cannot I stay with my sister she is over eighteen, she is an adult."
" It not my choice where you go I am just here to follow and order I was given by a judge."
" Yeah okay whatever."
They took me upstairs to get the things I wanted and needed, like clothing and stuff, and everything I put my hand on she had checked for weapons, I grabbed some clothes, my photo album, my suitcase, my hair brush and other bathroom objects. I think she might even have checked those. On the way down the stairs she yelled "Watch the front door were coming down." Then they sat me back down at the table and my sister asked to be let back in and they agreed but she had to sit at the table and not make any fast movements. She came over, sat at the table and told me she loved me and everything would be okay. I had reached over and taken her hand, then we sort of hugged with our hands because they did not allow us to get any closer then we were sitting at the table. It was then about 5:15.

5:30 P.M. - It was now time for me to leave, they were trying to find away to get me out of the apartment without getting me and them on channel ten eyewitness news. They did not want to have everyone see how they were going to shove me in a police cruiser and tear me away from my family like a criminal who committed murder. They did not want the camera to catch them, torturing and separating me from what I love and from the only thing I want in life. They tried to get me out the back, but the camera man heard them talking and ran to the back of the building to film them, bringing me out. The police officer saw the camera man and decided that they were going to go out the front they made me grab my stuff that I had picked, which was thoroughly checked for weapons, and they took me out the front and that is when I saw my neighbors and everyone outside telling me to be strong and fight hard, "They cannot do this and win" one had said. They shoved me in the police car and then they took off as we were slowly moving out of our complex I hoped that Jeff Wienser who was standing in the front of the house so he would see me and call the camera man over to get me on video tape and he did. Just in time to get them pulling the police cruiser out of the complex. He had zoomed in on me as I turned around to look maybe for the last time at my home, my families home, our home, a home of togetherness something I had not had in almost six years.

5:45 P.M. - They took me took to the coral spring's police station and then notified the other police that I was there and ready to switch cars and transported to where I was supposed to go next. Meanwhile during all of this the police cruiser driver was asking me questions about the case and what has happened so far to make them have to come and take me away. On the trip to the station I told her a short version of the story and she responded with "Oh my god that cannot be, Five years? Oh, I am so sorry this has happened to you, and you say it is a false accusation, unbelievable, well I just want you to know I believe you and I feel sorry. Nevertheless, it is not my choice I am here only to follow the court order."
"Yea, I know, whatever."

Finally a half and hour later sitting in that police cruiser waiting for the other transport vehicle, they show up. There are two cars a regular car and a sheriff's car. There are three people in the regular car, but I only saw the face of one of them who turns out to be New York's lawyer. The police officer in the front of the cruiser gets out and talks to the lawyer, Michael Berry, for ten minutes then they finally let me out of the police cruiser only to put me in a sheriff's car. The sheriff immediately took off and asked me why we were going to a psychiatric ward off the hospital and I just said "Psychiatric?, Hospital?" "I do not know."

6:30 P.M. - I was still in the sheriff's car and we were on the freeway, I think I-95, and we were heading toward Hollywood. At Hollywood Memorial Hospital, I was frightened and I felt like I was going to be sick. We just kept driving.

7:30 P.M. - We had just arrived at Hollywood Memorial Hospital in Hollywood, we walked up to the psychiatric ward and they buzzed us in. They asked "Is this the guy we were waiting for?"
The sheriff answered "Yea"
"Your fifteen right?" They asked me.
"No, I am thirteen" I said.
"He is thirteen"
" I thought he was fifteen that is what the lawyer told me." The sheriff replied
"Well we do not have any records yet, we were supposed to get them earlier. However, we did not and we still do not have them. When is your birthday?"
"I am not talking to you until I speak with my lawyer"
"What, Ha ha ha ha ha, okay whatever when is your birthday? You are serious? Wow!"
"Can I call my lawyer yet?"
"Yea, go ahead phones over there" she said as she pointed around the corner. I went over to the phone and dial his number. For a while it would not go through, at 8:00 it still did not go through. Michael Berry showed up about 8:05 and said to me "Hello Aaron, how are you?"
"How do you think I am? Not good."
"I am trying to contact my lawyer. I have a right please leave me alone." I finally go through and my lawyer wanted to speak to Mike Berry so I handed him the phone. The only things I heard was Mike Berry side, "Do not pick cotton balls with me Patrick (My lawyer) lets get to business, you want Aaron to stay at your house right...... then do not argue with me or I will hang this phone right up....... okay...... good....... I have to call a bunch of people, New York and stuff to see if it is okay so I will call you back ok..... ok....." Click. He hung up the phone and said to me "See I am here for you I am here on your side, I am treating you like I treat my son." I wanted to say to him "Then you must treat your son really badly. However, I did not want to blow my chances of staying with my lawyer instead of there next option, a psychiatric hospital for mentally disturbed kids three hours away that will take a thirteen year old, so I just yessed him for the rest of the night.

8:30 P.M. - He called all of the people he needed to and talked to them to try to ensure me that I should trust him, but I knew better and just nodded my head every time he looked at me and gave me thumbs up. He finished his phone calls gave me one more thumbs up and said "It is done you can go stay with Patrick." I just nodded. He called Patrick and told him to come to the hospital to pick me up and sign a consent form and to make a deal of the terms of the arrangement. We then moved from the psychiatric ward to a hospital McDonald's.

9:30 P.M. - They asked me if I wanted anything and I of course said no, because no matter if I was the hungriest person alive I would not accept food from this guy, I would not accept anything. I told them I did not want to talk, and so they said okay and Mike went over to another table to write the terms of the arraignment.

10:30 P.M. - Patrick Gonya my lawyer showed up, I got up, ran to him and hugged him, also besides him being my lawyer he and I have a close relationship almost like big brother, little brother. He went over to Mike and started the deal making. It took about an hour to finish, because at first Mike was saying that in order for Patrick to take me he needed permission from my mother since she has custody of me. Patrick made him know he made a mistake, because the hearing that I had to go to on Thursday was about who had custody and his side was claming they had custody. So he forgot the permission part and went on to let me stay with Patrick under the terms that I cannot leave his site, I cannot run away, and I cannot contact my mother until Monday. So he finally let me go and that was the terrible Friday of fear and separation.

Well I am now temporarily with my lawyer, Patrick Gonya, my mom is in a jail somewhere thinking I am with DCF and scared of what might happen to me. She cannot contact anyone, she has been denied bail, she is being held on no bond, and it is all under a false arrest. I am still fighting and I always will fight for what is right, what is mine, what makes me whole, my family. Life is hard, but when you have something to look forward to, like the chance of being with such a wonderful person, my mom, you can survive.

Important Update: Aaron has been returned to Ellen, and now they are pursuing justice against those who did these horrific things to their family

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