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What The Regulated Public
Needs to Know To Know

The following information is available for those citizens who have been subjected to wrongful and coercive enforcement powers resulting in termination of parental rights, or the wrongful death of a child at the hands of the local government agency's procedural improprieties.

We have found after conducting research that the majority of law schools throughout the state and country do not require the law students to take administrative law courses. It is usually offered as an elective. the question arises concerning just how many administrative law courses and just how much knowledge about administrative law "agency attorneys" have when working for a local regulatory agency: and, if these same agency attorneys have a competent understanding of administrative law's unique language.

The problem is clear: attorneys, rather than administrative non-attorney law consultants, are hired to make decisions on behalf of the regulatory agency's. Not only is this a serious error but more importantly, the regulated public, who are the citizens subjected to the local agency's application of their Regulatory Schemes, is jeopardized.

We have a strong written evidence from agency attorneys showing that they choose to apply a "Cost-Benefit" Regulatory Scheme instead of a Regulatory Scheme that is in the Public Interest and Safety. For these reasons, we find that the regulated public remains at serious risk.

GEORGE MASON is an Administrative Law Consultant (non-Attorney) who has over 20 years comprehensive hands-on experience and in-depth understanding of Administrative law, its unique language - which is Public/Regulatory Law (state/federal) - not statutory law. (Attorneys are trained in statutory law - not regulatory law; and, there is a distinct difference between statutory versus regulatory law language)

George Mason has prodigious knowledge about local governmental agency's Regulatory Scheme and its respective application of that Regulatory Scheme onto the regulated public who are the citizens subjected to its enforcement powers.

FRANCINE McDERMOTT-MASON, M.A.,M.A. is a California licensed private investigator who specializes in the filed of investigating "false child abuse" accusations.

Mason and McDermott's combined experience and resultant applied respective methodologies in the following listed areas constitute our sole and exclusive intellectual property and work product:

1. Administrate Representation and Consultation
2. Professional psycho/social/educational analysis
3. Professional investigation/Expert Testimony
4. Analysis of Administrative Schemes
5. "Cost-Benefit" Analysis of the Specific Regulatory Scheme
6. Consultation with Attorneys re: Administrative/Regulatory Law Issues
7. Consultation with those citizens interested in developing/organizing special associations
8. Consultation with Activist Groups who desire to initiate political and Administrative Reform in the interest of Public safety versus "Cost-Benefit"
9. Consultation concerning political and fiscal strategies to reform "Cost-Benefit" funding to the Regulated Public versus Administrative Cost by Agency's Application
10. "Cost-Benefit" Reform specific to the Regulated Public as Beneficiary

Francine McDermott-Mason, M.A.

M.A. Clinical Psychology, International University of San Diego (U.S.I.U.), 1990
M.A. Education: University of California Riverside, 1975
B.A. Psychology, Kansas State University, 1968

Licensed Private Investigator, State of California, 1995
Passed California State Exam in Child Abuse Specialist, 1990
Passed California State Exam for Criminal Justice Specialist, 1991

Work Experience
Consultant to attorneys, parents, licensees for administrative reviews
Consultant to attorneys, parents, false child abuse allegations
Investigative Reporter for the Hesperia Reporter from 1991-1993
Registered psychological Assistant, Center for Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry, 1983-1986
Child Abuse Emergency Response Social Worker: Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties from 1986-1990
Teacher, Pittsburgh Unified School District, 1971-1973
Graduate Fellow in Education-Research (statistical) University of Pittsburgh, Auspices of Dr. Lucy Zabarenko (Western Psychiatric Research), 1971-1972
"Friendship Tutor" under auspices of Kansas State University, 1968-1970

Speaker, California Association of Licensed Investigators, 2,5,99, Hilton, Palm Springs
Participant: California former Governor's Round Table May 1996 (San Diego) and December 1997 (San Bernardino)
Participant: Task Force on Regulatory Law
Presenter: University of Southern California, Piagetian Conference 1976
Presenter: California Governor's Office of Planning and Research
Radio Program Guest: American Freedom Radio, Colorado KPFA
Spokesperson: Leeza T.V. Show 1997
Spokesperson: Montel Williams T.V. Show, 1996
National Honor Society in Psychology (Psi Chi)

Professional Membership
CALI: California Association of Licensed Investigators

1 26 (IDELR) Individuals with Disabilities Law Review 457, Pp. 457-465, 1997
Published Prototypic Study, California Sixth Piagetian Conference, 1976
Published prototypic Study, Educating Young Handicapped Children, Aspen, 1976
Published in Winter, 1992 MASA Newsletter, "When Parental Abduction Means Protection."
Contributed as Panel Member to the Initial Draft of the Los Angeles County Commission Task Force on Ritual Abuse, Terms and Definitions


Declaration of Francine McDermott (Chabot) Mason

1. I am a duly licensed private investigator (PII7572) to conduct investigations in the State of California and hold special knowledge and expertise in the field of "false child abuse / child-sexual abuse" accusation, the investigative methodology.

2. Additionally, I am a member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI) and a certified court-appointed investigator for San Bernardino County.

3. I have had first-hand knowledge and experience in one-to-one and face-to-face investigations of child abuse and child sexual abuse investigations while employed in both Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties respectively (from 1986 through 1990) where I obtained over 9,800 investigative hours interviewing suspected cases of child abuse / sexual abuse involving children from birth to 17.11 years.

4. From 1986 through 1990, I testified in both Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties DEPENDENCY Court Division and Superior Court: Family Law and Criminal Court respectively as an "expert witness," regarding information of a type reasonably relied upon by experts in the particular field of child abuse investigations offering opinions on what factors substantiated child abuse/sexual abuse. I am unable to recall the particular judges I testified before and those cases are listed as "confidential" under the Welfare & Institutions Code.

5. From 1990 through 1993 Attorney Ned Tonner requested my services to assist him on a child sexual abuse case involving a young male adolescent who had been molested by a San Bernardino County Sheriff's Deputy in Sandy Valley, California. Attorney Tonner currently practice in Indiana (219-866-8888). In that particular case, I was deposed an an "expert witness."

6. From 1993 through current, I was retained by Stanley Becker as "Expert Witness" on the following cases: Hubbard, Duncan; Pitts, Ricky Lynn - Kern County case Nos: 215245; 218820. These cases involved sexual abuse ALLEGATIONS resulting in "false imprisonment" of the parents ( for over eight years. My deposition focused on the respective agent' "flawed / contaminated investigative methodology," which was corroborated by Dr. Lee Coleman and others resulting in the Defendants' subsequent release from prison. Attorney Stanley Becker Practices in Palm Springs (760-416-5110). The Duncan case was settled; the Pitts case was reversed in the 5th Appellate Court in favor of Pitts and then reviewed in the California Supreme Court (See Exhibit 1: 1/30/98 L.A. Times Article "County Not Liable for D.A. Errors, Court Says," consisting of one page is attached and incorporated by reference herein)

7. Also in 1997 Attorney Becker employed my services in the Sue Hubbard Case CVF966219GEB which was in the U.S. District Court (Fresno) before the Honorable Garland Burrell.

8. Previously from 1984 through 1986 I was employed as a Registered Psychological Assistant at the Los Angeles Center for Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry where I received over 3,000 supervised by S. David Goldberg, Ph.D.,M.F.C.C. hours of psychological testing and psychotherapy on a garden variety of adults.

9. From 1982-1983 I worked as a Registered Psychological Assistant at the Family Counseling Center in Moreno Valley in California where I received over 2,500 supervised hours of training under the auspices of Dr. Neil Becker which included comprehensive psychological testing of children.

10. In August 13, 1983 I received a Valid-For Life Community College Counseling Credential certificate No. 09391.

11. From 1984 through current I received additional training through seminars from the Department of Justice Conference on Sadistic Forms of Child Abuse including ritual abuse.

12. Additional Seminars attended, such as:

A. The San Bernardino County Lie Detector's Association: I presented on the Investigation of Sadistic Ritual Abuse;
B. The Child Abuse Consortium Conferences in Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego, CA.
C. Completed certificates on recognizing child sexual abuse signs and symptoms from forensic pediatric medical specialist Dr. Herbert Giese from San Bernardino (formerly of St. Bernardine's Hospital; more recently Riverside County Health Department).
D. In January 20, 1989 I received a health Services Certificate on the treatment of child abuse Allegations on Special Populations from Los Angeles County Department of Children's Services.
E. In August 17, 1987, I obtained a Certificate of Training from the Parents United Training Workshop in San Jose, CA.
F. I have attended numerous workshops provided by the Children's Institute Int6ernational of Los Angeles County from 1987 through 1989.
G. In March 17, 1987 I obtained a Certificate from Long Beach Area Child Trauma Council.
H. In December 10, 1986 I obtained a Children's Services training Certificate from Los Angeles County.
13. The attached Brief Vitae includes educational training and updated information (Exhibit 2: Brief Vitae of Francine McDermott-(Chabot) Mason; and Exhibit 2-b: Brief Vitae of George Mason are attached and incorporated by reference herein)

14. I receive the following publications on Child abuse issues: A Governors' Partner's in Prevention V: from the Department of Developmental Services; The National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse: APRA; "Updates;"

15. Pursuant to the Federal Rules of Evidence Section: 104(a) "Expert Witness" I have provided the above-listed and attached documents of evidence of this special category of witness and believe that I met the "sufficiency" criteria to properly present before any court in this state or country as per the following authorities: See: U.S. v. Lee, 28 M.J. 52 (C.M.A. 1989) ( master-level degree qualifies as "expert witness"); People v. Harlan, 222 Cal. App.3d 439, 271 Cal. Rptr. 653,657 (1990) master-level degree qualifies as "expert"; State v. Black, 537 A.2d 1154 (Me 1988); People v. Beckley, 434 Mich. 691, 456, N.W. 2d 391,400 (1990) master-level qualified on the grounds of "extensive firsthand experience with ...children"; State v. Jensen, 141.2d 333, 415 N.W.2d 519,521 (Ct.App. 1987) aff'd 147 Wis.2d 240, 432 N.W. 2d 913 (1988) master-level school guidance counselor qualified as "expert witness"; Zellerino v. Brown 91991) 235, CA3d 1097.1116.1 CR2d 222,234; Kennemur v. State of California (1902) 133 CA3d 907, 184 CR 393; Sprague v. Equifax, Inc. (1985) 166 Ca3d 1012,213 (69) (Expert Witness's Declaration)

16. The above data support the qualifying criterion for "necessary expertise" requirement to assist in the investigative analysis of child abuse cases as well as in making specific determinations as to the respective agency's decision, to conduct an analysis of the agency's method used or relied upon in the "investigation;" and to assist in understanding the evidence or to further determine facts at issue the agency / or agents failed to consider.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.
Executed march 6, 1999 in Hesperia, California

Francine McDermott-(Chabot)-Mason
M.A. Education (Learning Disabilities)
M.A. Psychology (clinical)
Licensed Private Investigator specializing in False Child Abuse Accusations

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