Trevor Nolan

Born: May 10, 1991
Died: April 12, 1997

Breaking Update:
Dale Awarded $800,000

Trevor was born with a fatal metabolic disorder, Glycogen Storage Disease type 1d. Trevor was fortunate, his mother was an emergency medical technician and Trevor was doing well, but his parents were getting a divorce.

During the custody battle that ensued, the court appointed a family counselor, Cynthia Stout of Glendale, CA. Dale believes that being in a small town and with the father's family political connections, the cards were stacked against her. With an accusation of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, Child-Protective Services took Trevor and his older brother, Wade into "protective custody". It didn't matter that Trevor's physicians who had known the mother and child throughout Trevor's life, disagreed with the diagnosis of MSBP. Reportedly, Trevor's father had attempted suicide 3 weeks prior to the MSBP accusation and was diagnosed as a schizophrenic. Still, Trevor and his older brother were placed into foster care.

Trevor's disorder required continuous feeds during the night and small frequent meals throughout the day to keep his blood sugar stable. Because of this, Trevor had a tube that was threaded down through his nose and into his stomach. After being put into a foster home and with the assumption that Trevor was being kept ill by his mother, CPS authorized the removal of his nasogastric tube for daytime feeds. They needed to do this in order to "prove" that Dale was responsible for keeping her child ill. Trevor was neutropenic and nightly replacement of the nasogastric tube can cause serious infections.

Ten days later, Trevor went into hypoglycemic shock and coma. Trevor died shortly after being airlifted to a hospital in Reno, Nevada. Dale had been told that he was fine and would be sent home in two days and that she was "not to hold a vigil over his hospital bed," as she had done in the past. Dale complied, hoping not to further fit the profile, only to receive a call that she better get up to the hospital quick. When she arrived, Trevor was already gone.

Child Protective Services has not released Dale's older son Wade, back to her custody and now contends that Wade was neglected due to all the care that Trevor received. A custody hearing is scheduled for Sept 97.

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